Commands List

Here is a full documentation about all the commands that you can use with Wumpus.

Name Description Usage & Example
info Get informations about Wumpus $info
help Will send a link to this page $help
servers Get the amount of servers where Wumpus is $servers
botplatform Get the platform on what Wumpus is being runned $botplatform
userinfo Get informations about a specified user $userinfo [User]
$userinfo @User#0000
ping Get response time of the bot $ping
bitcoin Get current price of bitcoin $bitcoin
8ball Ask a question and get an answer $8ball [Question]
$8ball Is Wumpus cool?
poll Create a poll where people can vote $poll [Idea]
$poll Make a video on CS:GO
suggest Create a suggestion where people can vote $suggest [Idea]
$suggest Add new channels to the server
serverinfo Get informations about the server $serverinfo
translate Translate text in other languages $translate [Text to translate] [Target Language] [Target Language]
$translate Hello my friend en fr
discriminator List the number of users with the given discriminator $discriminator [Discriminator]
$discriminator 0000
quote Quote a specific message $quote [Message ID]
$quote 586648176493199530
createinvite Send an invite link for this server to invite people $createinvite
archive Archive in a text file the number of messages you want $archive [Limit]
Name Description Usage & Example
hug Hug a user on the server $hug [User]
$hug @User#0000
lmgtfy Send a LMGTFY google search meme $lmgtfy [Search]
$lmgtfy What is discord
fancify Send a text in a different style $fancify [Text]
$fancify Hello
bigtext Send a text in a bigger size $bigtext [Text]
$bigtext Hello
insult Insult a user on the server $insult [User]
$insult @User#000
urban Make a urban search [in a NSFW Channel] $urban [Term]
$urban Discord
slots Play the slots game $slots
reverse Get a given text reversed $reverse [Text]
$reverse Hello
dog Send a random picture of a dog $dog
meme Send a random meme from Reddit $meme
Name Description Usage & Example
nuke Delete 100 messages in a channel $nuke
ban Ban someone from the server $ban [User] [Reason]
$ban @User#0000 You're not welcomed anymore
kick Kick someone from the server $kick [User] [Reason]
$kick @User#0000 Come back later
mute Mute someone on the server $mute [User] [Reason]
$mute @User#0000 Slow down with your messages
unmute Unmute someone on the server $unmute [User]
$unmute @User#0000
warn Warn someone on the server [Send a DM] $warn [User] [Reason]
$warn @User#0000 Stop with the caps
nick Change the nickname of someone on the server $nick [User] [Nickname]
$nick @User#0000 OtherUser
getbans Get the list of banned people in this server $getbans
purge Delete an amount of messages $purge [Number]
$purge 20
lock Lock the current channel so that nobody can talk beside admins $lock
unlock Unlock the current channel so that everyone can talk again $unlock
role Adds or remove a role from a member $role [Role] [User]
$role Moderator @User#0000
botpermissions Shows the permissions that the bot have in the current channel and server $botpermissions
permissions Shows the permissions that a user have in the current channel and server $permissions [User]
$permissions @User#0000
Name Description Usage & Example
caesar Encrypt of decrypt a message with the caesar cipher. $ca [Encrypt/Decrypt] [Key] [Message]
$ca encrypt 3 This is a sample text
$ca decrypt 3 Wklv lv d vdpsoh whaw
Name Description Usage & Example
youtube Get statistics of a given YouTube channel $youtube [Channel]
$youtube PewDiePie
christmas Get the time remainging until christmas $christmas
halloween Get the time remainging until halloween $halloween
birthday Get the time remainging until Wumpus owner's birthday $birthday
newyear Get the time remainging until the next new year $newyear